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Elizabeth Williamson has degrees in English literature from Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania. She has been a member of the Evergreen faculty since 2005. Her two books focus on the intersection of popular religion and popular theater in the age of Shakespeare. Her teaching interests at Evergreen expand this set of questions about the intersection of culture and ideology to a broader array of texts and historical periods.

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Religion and Drama in Early Modern England, Co-editor (with Jane Hwang Degenhardt), Ashgate, 2011

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About Religion and Drama in Early Modern England:

A comprehensive reassessment of the relationship between early modern religion and drama in England, this collection explores the ways that theatrical performance reconstituted the meaning of religious representations. The volume carries out an important methodological shift in considering the particular semiotics of theatrical performance. Its readings extend beyond the interpretation of simple religious allusions and suggest new avenues for theorizing the relationship between religion and drama.

Focusing on the plays of Shakespeare as well as a range of other playwrights, this book takes into account the material conditions of performance, the intricate resonances between dramatic performance and religious ceremonies, and the multiple valences of religious allusions in early modern plays. Additionally, Religion and Drama in Early Modern England takes a wider view of religious culture in the period, considering the extraordinary diversity of Christian practice that characterized post-Reformation England, as well as the reception of Islam, Judaism, and other religions.

In offering fuller understandings of both dramatic representations and of the complexities of religious culture itself, this collection reveals the ways in which questions of religion and questions of performance were inextricably linked in early modern England.

Additional Publications

The Materiality of Religion in Early Modern English Drama, Ashgate, 2009