Frances Rains

Frances Rains


Current Faculty, The Evergreen State College
B.S., 1978
M.S., 1987
Ph.D. 1995, Indiana University/Bloomington


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Biographical Note

Frances is a tenured Native American & Japanese professor in the Native American & World Indigenous Peoples Studies at The Evergreen State College. She teaches classes on Native History, Native women, Stereotypes, Women of Color, Race, Indian Education and U.S. History among others. She enjoys gardening, hiking and the annual Tribal Canoe Journey, and the absolute beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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"Even When Erased, We Exist: Native Women Standing Strong for Justice"

Publication Excerpt

This piece of writing is a book chapter in: Caraciolo & Mungai (Eds.), (2009), In the Spirit of Ubuntu, Stories of Teaching & Research. It is a look at how Native American women have always existed here and have always had the strength of voice despite the way history has "erased" Native women. Native women have used their voices to stand for justice for their families, their Nations, and the environment, in particular. They have often been on the front lines of social justice issues for Native Peoples. This chapter highlights some of the issues and some of the Native women that most non-Natives never learn about.

Additional Publications

Rains, F. V., Bidtah, M., Black Crow, L., Horton, K. & Jones, T. (2010). "American Indian Mothers Speaking from the Heart: Public Schools and their Children," In L. Diaz Soto & H. Khareem (Eds.), Teaching Bilingual/Bicultural Children: Teachers Talk about Language and Learning, Teacher College Press

Rains, F. V. (2006). "The color of social studies: A post-social studies reality check," In E. W. Ross (Ed.), The social studies curriculum: Purposes, problems and possibilities, 3rd edition, The State University of New York Press

Rains, F. V. (2003). " To greet the dawn with open eyes: American Indians, white privilege and the power of residual guilt in the social studies," In G. Ladson-Billings (Ed.), Critical race theory perspectives on the social studies: The profession, policies, and the curriculum, Information Age Publishing, Inc.

Rains, F. V. (2001). "No, I didn’t make it rain last night or rethinking what and how we teach about First Americans," In S. Steinberg (Ed.), Multi/Intercultural conversations: A reader, Peter Lang Press