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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1996


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I still live, that is, think and write, in the Pacific Northwest.

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Author Non-Fiction

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Poets, Prophets, and Polymaths, 2012

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Poets, Prophets, and Polymaths Book CoverIn the words of author Eugene Fish, Poets, Prophets, and Polymaths is an artistic endeavor. Each page cuts to the raw heart of the matter, whether it tackles philosophy, the love of a child, religion, or revolution. This work is an exquisite and enlightened collection of poetic prose, written with all the truth and skill of the master poets. Laced with inspiration from renowned philosophers, Poets, Prophets, and Polymaths defines itself as without definition. It is an insightful and exciting perspective on the intricacies of politics, the vengefulness and passivity of the spirit, the passionate pain of the lover, and the joyous power of children. An insightful and pragmatic assessment of the universe, Eugene Fish speaks out from his officedom, pleading, presenting, and deconstructing the world. In this book, Helen of Troy becomes a stranger on the ferry. Children and angels are the most powerful beings known to pitiful man. Love is carnal desire manifested, an aching yearning for peace, and a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Man is revealed as a sad and lonely beast, finding solace in quiet contemplation and violent outbursts. Kierkegaard told the story of a troupe of village dancers, of one in particular who danced not for the audience, but for his fellow dancers. This book is for the fellow dancers, for an audience equally nostalgic for poetic idylls and eternity. Poets, Prophets, and Polymaths refreshingly challenges its readers, pleading for their ear, and entrusting them with sacred and fragile truths born from the beginning of time. Armed with only a pencil, the poet digs where his heart feels is right. Occasionally, the poet finds a dazzling gem and names it Poets, Prophets, and Polymaths.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

Evergreen de-partialized the world through independent, expansive, and critical thinking in its learning communities.