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B.S., The Evergreen State College, 1985


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The All-Food Diet:  A Common Sense Approach to Food and Living.

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The kitchen is the center of your home, a place to relax, work together, and socialize. Hang out there. Invite friends over. Spending time preparing and consuming food should be a pleasure, not a duty. Socializing is better done in the kitchen than the TV room.

Cook for yourself, your partner, your friends. You don’t need to cook just at mealtime. Cook when you are bored, have free time, feel like listening to the radio, or have company over. I cook when I wake up too early. Sunday is a good time to cook for the week, making mass quantities of good food.

Cooking is a good shared activity. One person can chop veggies, or wash dishes while the other prepares the food. What is the point of all this cooking? It’s a way to socialize without subjecting yourself to calorie-laden restaurants. Putting the effort into cooking will lead you to healthier meals. Your leftover soup will be more appealing and healthier than any frozen entrée.

How does one make a meal? Some people claim that they don’t know how to cook. Perhaps their idea of cooking is opening a can, or microwaving something. Fortunately, our fore-mothers have provided us detailed instructions on food preparations. These are called “cook books”. If you find them intimidating, invite a friend over to help you with the basics. Some people will say ‘there is nothing to eat in the house’. What they are really saying is there is nothing that can be ready in five minutes. A few foods and a little creativity can make a fine meal. A little rice, an onion, butter… that’s almost enough to make dinner.

Now that you have visualized your inner chef, lets talk about food. We’ll break it down into three categories, good food, bad food, and OK food, which is in between.

Bad foods have more than one ingredient. They also tend to have fat, salt, sugar, and chemicals. Here are some bad foods:

Canned food is to be avoided. It’s fatty, salty, and not necessary. Fresh food is preferable to canned. If something isn’t in season, you can buy something else that is. Summer is the time for fresh green veggies. Winter is the time for potatoes, onions, apples, cabbage, and carrots. We’re going to give up on the idea that every food is available 365 days year, in exchange for the idea that when a given food is fresh it will taste better. That is, unless you live in a climate like California, in which case the food is fresh year round.

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In innumerable ways.