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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1981


The Malungun Journal


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I was born the first day of summer, 1951, my mother's oldest child - my father away being a pilot in the Korean war and on sabbatical from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill; we traveled ever after from college to college the next 18 years until the draft swept me into the Navy, photography and seeing the world, at last honorably discharged, throwing me up in California to drive a dump truck, ski, apprentice to a locksmith, only to meet a girl who led me to Portland, Oregon, art, The Evergreen State College, Blue Sky Gallery, a 1983 Oregon Individual Artist's Fellowship in Photography, followed by year after year of exhibitions 'til I grew bored and began cutting boards as a carpenter on historic homes, which as fate and luck crossed, were in the same neighborhood as a gleaming tin house that houses Tin House Publishers, reminding me, after all, that I love to write; so I went and wrote a book and am hard at work on another.

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The Malungun Journal, Armou-Basson Jones Ltd., 2010

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Word rich, atmospheric and deeply moving, The Malungun Journal is about bad neighbors and revenge, regret and despair, and finally, redemption and hope. This elegiac diary takes an intimate look at the lingering repercussions of the Civil War and distills the immensity of such a conflict down to the undusted corners of one person's life, opening a window on all that is lost.

Finalist - 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

The simple dots to connect are working with Mark Levenski and Marilyn Frasca in their amazing class Memory and Imagination, gave me the nerve and confidence to accept Instructor Craig Hickman's offer of introduction to everyone at Blue Sky Gallery. From Blue Sky came exposure to public art, teaching, the confidence to apply for grants, and now years later, many old friends. My life as an artist began at Evergreen and continues to this day in many different ways. Thank you, Evergreen.