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Evergreen is, and always has been, a strong writing community.  Alumni and faculty publications cover an incredible range of styles, genres and subject matter. I hope you take the opportunity to see what they have to offer and to support their good work. How does Evergreen turn out so many successful writers? Students here write a lot! Evergreen’s pedagogy, from first-year to graduate student, is anchored in seminar, usually one or two per week in each program; most faculty make seminar papers a required ticket for admission to the seminar conversation. Many programs also ask for research papers, grant proposals, articles and essays; some require a creative writing approach alongside their academic writing. The best way to learn to write well is to write a lot, to present that work to as many honest readers as possible for critical feedback, and to practice effective feedback to others. Writers, like other artists, need a strong ego to carry them through the rejections and the early-career poverty, but they also need humility to present their work to colleagues and passion for their subject. Alumni and faculty authors offer incredible insights to the machinations of the world, past and present. I hope you will check out their excellent offerings listed here. 

Bill Ransom
Novelist, Poet, and Member of the Faculty (retired)

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