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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 2003


How I survived Financial Aid


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As a young student, Jameelah Ro'oof held a burning desire to be of assistance to those around her. She enjoys the privilege of helping others make decisions that will ultimately impact their lives for the better. Jameelah has volunteered, interned, and worked at just about every type of minimum wage job there is--all while attending college. She never got discouraged or questioned whether or not she would be successful. She understood that the only way for her to fail was by giving up altogether. Jameelah is a writer, a motivational speaker, a video producer, and an information systems specialist. She is passionate about incorporating her God-given skills and talents into her overall plan for success. After earning her Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees--all in the field of Information Technology--Jameelah went on to provide IT support for several different organizations. Because she is a first-generation college student, learning how to survive financially through college has been one of the single most significant goals she has accomplished. Through many, many trials and errors, Jameelah has gained a tremendous amount of understanding and knowledge about the college setting. Presently working for a community college district, Jameelah encounters students who are dealing with the same financial issues she once struggled with. She believes that it is only right to use this knowledge to help students to the best of her ability. Jameelah is completely devoted to God, her family, and serving others. She hopes to empower students to start down the path of finding their individual voice and strength by first taking control of their own finances. Jameelah is a firm believer in helping students make smart and informed decisions as they relate to their professional goals. She is very thankful for this opportunity to serve you, looking forward to you and your family's benefiting from every thoughtful word in this book, hoping that, in turn, you will offer much-needed support to others.

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How I Survived Financial Aid

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A third-party tool for understanding financial aid and navigating through the many debacles associated with being a first-generation college student. Jameelah Ra'oof gives her personal testimonial and time and money-saving tips.