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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1994
M.F.A., The University of Arizona, 1998




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Working over twenty years in art and photography and exhibited nationally, James Luckett has earned an MFA from the University of Arizona, worked as a master printer in a forensic photography lab and taught award winning photography classes in Tucson and Chicago. Born in Stuttgart and following the pleasures of living and working in Olympia, Tokyo and Ann Arbor, this past year James settled his studio and darkroom in Springfield, Ohio. You’re invited to follow his interests and exploits at his long running, always evolving, ever accumulating website consumptive.org.

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Suginami is one the 23 ‘ku’ or ‘wards’ of Tokyo, an area of the city where I lived for five years. Houses and apartments there are sited tightly together; narrow streets and even narrower paths wind in around themselves in a maze of walls, fences, gates and plants that carefully delimit private space from public.  In, around and through the margins of this place I walked hours every day. Suginami is an exploration of the ways this landscape layers into the edges of a frame, the transformation of light inside the dark box of the camera, and the space of discovery between the viewfinder and the eye.  7×7 inches/78 pages/68 tritone photographs.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

The fine souls at Evergreen gave me a key to an unused darkroom and then left me alone for three years.