Jana Dean

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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1991

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Sound Wisdom: Stories of Place

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Sound Wisdom: Stories of Place - Preface

These stories frame past and present life on southern Puget Sound where fingers of water stretch from the ocean to cleave the land into peninsulas. Through natural history and human experience, the tales explore the questions: "How does the Puget Sound ecosystem shape the culture of our place?" and "How can we bring ourselves to live sustainably as part of our ecosystem?" To approach answers to these questions, I interviewed dozens of longtime Thurston County residents about the relationships they have had with the soil, air, and water and plant and animal inhabitants of this place.

The stories in this book served as the cornerstones of a ten-week water quality education program for fourth and fifth graders. That program is described a narrative at the end of the book.

The introduction tells the story of the research, and the stories speak for themselves.