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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1988


Ghostowners: Calamity Jan's historical ghost town fiction for young readers


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Biographical Note

My degree in Psychology from Evergreen in 1988 gave my writing career momentum as I continued writing historical fiction for young readers. My first five books were published by Tyndale House from 1979-88; the project of a stay-at-home mom! After my mid-life college career at Evergreen (I was now single and had to earn a real living) I taught writing for the Institute of Children's Literature and continued writing more books for kids. My latest series, "The Ghostowners," lets me enjoy writing as I do my research and kick up a little dust in ghost towns of the western United States. Occasionally I freelance for magazines. My latest article; "Trip of a Lifetime," was published in the January 2010 issue of Arizona Highways Magazine. At present, my latest book, Calamity Jan and the Russian, is in the hands of an agent. This book isn't for kids.

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Children's Books

Latest Publication

The Haunted Horse of Gold Hill (Ghostowners #4), WildWest Publishing, 2006

Additional Publications

Goodbye God, I'm Going to Bodie (Ghostowners #1), WildWest Publishing, 2002
Ghost of Nighthawk (Ghostowners #2), WildWest Publishing, 2002
Shadow of Shaniko (Ghostowners #3), WildWest Publishing, 2002
Carson Kids and the Shipwreck on Grizzly Island, Tyndale House Publishers, 1986
The Carson Kids and the Mystery of Five Finger Island, Tyndale House Publishers, 1979

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

Kept me in the circle of open minds and hearts and paved the way for critical thinking, learning and a brand new educational journey. I entered college at the age of 50 (married, divorced, three grown kids) and wondered if I'd make it. By dang I did.