Jim Egerton

Jim Egerton


B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1977
M.A., Harvard University
P.G.D., University of Cambridge


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Biographical Note

I am a nanotechnologist specializing in electronic and electro-optics devices. Lately my work has been in carbon nanotube and graphene based electonic devices and CIGS based solar cells. On the obsessive side , I am also working on a novel which I hope to shop this fall. It is entitled The Dahlem Initiative and is about US efforts to capture Nazi Nuclear Technology prior to the Soviet Union capturing Berlin , where the technology was developed.

Publication Types

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Scholastic

Latest Publication Title

"Reduction of CNT Interconnect Resistance for the Replacement of Cu for Future Technology Nodes"

Additional Publications


ZnO Nanotechnology and Applications (with Zhong L. Wang, Ashok .K. Sood, and Dennis L. Polla) (to be published)


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Publication Excerpt

"Reduction of CNT Interconnect Resistance for the Replacement of Cu for Future Technology Nodes," by Jonathan W. Ward, Jonathan Nichols, Timothy B. Stachowiak, Quoc Ngo, and E. James Egerton:

Abstract —

Replacement of Cu interconnects with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) has been hindered by the high resistance of the CNTs. In this paper, methods for reducing CNT interconnect sheet resistance are presented. Functionalization with electron accepting molecules decreased sheet resistance up to 60%, giving a minimum sheet resistance of ~55 Ω/sq. Alignment of CNTs within the interconnect further reduced resistance. In contrast to non-aligned fabrics, aligned CNT interconnects maintained a constant resistance as CNT line width decreased, demonstrating a path for scaling to smaller technology nodes. In addition, interconnects made with single-walled CNTs consistently showed lower resistance than those with multiwalled CNTs. Finally, a projected RC delay was calculated that demonstrates improved performance below the 45 nm technology node for CNTs compared to Cu. To achieve the desired RC delay improvement, the aspect ratio of the CNT interconnect should be scaled appropriately and combined with an additional reduction in CNT interconnect sheet resistance to 10 Ω/sq, which is feasible based on the functionalization and alignment methods presented here.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

I studied chemistry and physics and worked with some outstanding faculty such as Jeff Kelly, Matt Halfant,and Rob Knapp. Technology has changed over my career and Evergreen taught me to learn new areas quickly especially self reliance.