Justin Hart

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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1995
M.F.A, Creative Writing, Eastern Washington University, 1998

Biographical Note

Justin received his M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University in 1998. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Seattle Review, Pontoon Anthology, Heliotrope, Amaranth and several other literary magazines. In the summer of 1999 an as-yet-untitled chapbook of his poems will be published by Tinderbox Press. At the moment he is working on a full length collection of translations of the Chilean poet Nicanor Parra, which he hopes to get published in the near future. He lives in Spokane, where he teaches at Spokane Falls Community College and works for the MFA program at EWU. He shares his home and dreams with another Evergreen graduate, Cherish Cline.

Publication Type



"Apologies for Love," The Seattle Review.

"Why She Carries String," "Perhaps Maria," "Getting a Fire Started," and "I Was." Pontoon: an anthology of Washington State Poets, #2.Seattle, WA: Floating Bridge Press, 1998.

"Uprising" and "Anatomy," Forthcoming in Heliotrope.

"A Dove" and "Prey," Forthcoming in Amaranth.

Publication Excerpt

"Why She Carries String"

For luck. To remember
who she's lost and who
she is, not what she does.

To hold her together when
pieces start slipping.
The string is for hanging
her clothes after a long night
standing and kneeling in the rain.

Because sometimes she aches
and it gives her something
to hold. Because
it gets her home
when she wakes up somewhere
strange, with the string
tied round her middle
to separate the good
from the bad.

Pontoon #2, Seattle, WA: Floating Bridge Press, 1998.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

My experiences at Evergreen helped me as a writer by giving me a chance to study, in great depth, some of the most important literary periods and movements in western culture. The scope of my studies and the quality of work I was expected to perform were equal to the work I went on to do in graduate school. In addition to the subjects I studied, (language, literature and creative writing primarily), the seminar approach to learning greatly affected my sense of community, (both artistic and academic). I became a better writer, editor, and friend because of my experiences at Evergreen.