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B.S., The Evergreen State College, 1983
M.A, Seattle University, 2001
EdD, Nova SE University, 2004


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Biographical Note

Kurt Kirstein is the Dean in the School of Management at City University of Seattle. He graduated with a BS from The Evergreen State College in 1983, an MA in Adult Education and Training from Seattle University in 2001, and an EdD in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in 2004. His recent research interests have centered on the inclusion of internationalized content and sustainable development in traditional business degree programs to broaden students' perspectives.

Publication Types

Scholastic, Academic Research

Latest Publication Title

Authentic Instruction and Online Delivery (Editor)

Publication Excerpt

In the evolving world of higher education, discovering and integrating effective new practices, both online and in the classroom, is crucial in preparing today's growing number of adult students for tomorrow's dynamic and evolving workplace. Now, three administrators at City University of Seattle have compiled an influential collection of work that reflects the successful practices of its faculty members in response to the busy schedules and time pressures of today’s adult student. In Authentic Instruction and Online Delivery: Proven Practices in Higher Education, Kurt D. Kirstein, Judy M. Hinrichs, and Steven G. Olswang have collected and edited the experiences of twenty-six instructors or teams of instructors from a small, private, not-for-profit university in the Pacific Northwest with satellite campuses in eleven countries on four continents. Their combined wealth of valuable educational strategies is the driving force behi nd this richly instructive resource. In order to meet the educational demands of busy adult students, a different educational approach much be taken. The collection was created to enable university instructors everywhere to learn from these classroom and online experiences, so that they may incorporate relevant practices in their own classes. Presented in three parts, the book addresses authentic instructional strategies, online course delivery, and perspectives in teaching and learning. Part One introduces methods of authentic instruction. Part Two taps into the university’s pioneering role in online education to shed new light on its design and delivery. Part Three addresses emerging themes in educational assessment and program revision. With the guiding principle that experience is the best teacher, Authentic Instruction and Online Delivery: Proven Practices in Higher Education is an innovative compendium of practices that are both state-of-the-art and field-tested. Each work in this illuminating book reveals how teaching that is developed through instructor experience has much to offer both novice and veteran educators.

Additional Publications

Kirstein, K., Brommer, S., Cholewinska, A., Diamond, J., Flores, K., Gunhold, R., Kelley, G., & Minor, M. (2011). Authentic instruction and online delivery: Proven practices in higher education. In I. Candel Torres, L. Gómez Chova, & A. López Martínez (Eds.) Proceedings of the International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (pp. 5645-5652). Madrid, Spain: International Association of Technology Education and Development.

Kirstein, K. D., & Diamond, J. (2011). Inspiring action for sustainable business: A five-phase approach. In K. Kirstein, J. Hinrichs, & S. Olswang (Eds.), Authentic Instruction and Online Delivery: Proven Practices in Higher Education (pp. 115-132). Charleston, SC: CreateSpace Publishing.

Kirstein, K. D. (2011). The effect of cultural dimensions on the development of intra-team trust in global virtual teams. In K. Milhauser (Ed.), Distributed Team Collaboration in Organizations: Emerging Tools and Practices (pp. 64-81). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

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Kirstein, K. D. (2004, August 31). Employee self-leadership and technical support retention. San Diego, CA: Software Support Professionals Association.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

My experience with the faculty at Evergreen made me want to become a college professor. As I graduated from my fourth year, I made a commitment to myself to pursue my doctorate and move into higher education. It took me nearly 20 years, but I stuck to my commitment. As I began teach my students, I used many of the educational methods that I had been exposed to at Evergreen. They are still an important part of my approach both as an instructor and an administrator.