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B.S., The Evergreen State College, 2003


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Lance Miller was born in Little Rock, Arkansas; and was later a resident of Waterbury, Connecticut; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kanab, Utah; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; McMurdo Station, Antarctica; Seattle, Washington; Akutan, Alaska; Olympia, Washington; oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico; floating fish processing factories in Alaskan waters; and almost a resident of West Yellowstone Montana. Raised on fried chicken, Pepsi, drag racing, the Bible, and an exemplary local newspaper (Arkansas Gazette, first newspaper west of the Mississippi River), Lance would, upon entry into adulthood, find an expansion from his typical southern roots via the thriving punk rock and Church of the Subgenius scene in Little Rock Arkansas. Around thirty years old he discovered the deserts and high plains of the American West, which incited a vision quest involving both travel and college. He graduated in 2003 with a B.Sci. with an emphasis on Unix style programming. Since 1996, Lance has lived mostly in the Pacific Northwest, from Olympia Washington to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, and currently resides in Seattle with his family.

Athena Techne

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Athena Techne

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Anthropological investigation interwoven with autobiography, Athena Techne is a call to arms for those who want civilization to succeed against the onslaught of demagogues and the weakest imaginations. The book is not a threat to any religion, it is not a call to practice Paganism in the forest. It is a call to become workers improving the grand human endeavors we call cities, the internet, space travel, and complex inter-racial, inter-cultural trade networks. Below are quotes from Athena Techne:

The word “demiurge” is a Latinized form of Greek demiourgos, literally "public worker", which was originally a common noun meaning "craftsman" or "artisan". Techne can be translated "human endeavor", and zombies are those who have ceased to contribute to human endeavor. Athena Techne is a mythological goddess, a patron of human endeavor, whereas Ares, her brother, is a patron of bloodlust and dumb violence on a massive scale. Zombies listen to an unending message lodged in their heads, such as the Earth Liberation Front’s message to destroy civilization in order to save Nature, or Reagan’s message to downsize government and the public sphere to a point of no use, or Osama bin Laden's call for Jihad. Zombies eventually aggregate together and fight on the side of Ares. This work recognizes a conflict that most people have not realized: a struggle between Ares and his Zombies against Athena and her Public Workers. Techne is human endeavor, whether it be highway construction or amending the Constitution of the United States. All techne (technology) needs maintenance. Any society, as a technological object, should not be seen as inherently running well forever without intervention, nor totally run through and through with evil or stupidity. We should expect some degree of upkeep and modification. The demiurge is human endeavor's only saviour, and the demiurge is you.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

While at Evergreen I took mostly computer technical courses, and you would think I had little chance to write or have a social component in class. Quite the reverse - I was exposed to extensive journal writing and seminar discussions. By graduation I was writing on a personal blog site that had 10,000 hits per month, and got me a paid trip to a political seminar in New York City. That inertia has maintained to this day: to process the world around me I write. The journal writing assignments at The Evergreen State College initiated all this for me.