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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1993


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Michael Osiris Snuffin has studied and practiced various forms of occultism for over fifteen years, with particular interest in the Golden Dawn, Thelema, Chaos Magick and the Left-Hand Path. He founded the Temple of Light and Darkness in 2003, and served as Chief Adept of the Temple until 2010. He has lectured on a number of occult subjects in the last decade and has also worked as a professional tarot reader. Michael Osiris Snuffin received a BA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Communications and Media from The Evergreen State College, and went on to earn an Editing Certificate from the University of Washington. He lives in Seattle, Washington, where he works as a freelance editor and writer.

Conjuring Spirits

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Conjuring Spirits: A Manual of Goetic and Enochian Sorcery

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The Thoth Companion: The Key to the True Symbolic Meaning of the Thoth Tarot

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From Conjuring Spirits: A Manual of Goetic and Enochian Sorcery:

Sorcery, defined here as the art of conjuring spirits, is one of the traditional, core disciplines of magickal practice. It is highly admired and its practitioners accorded great prestige. While many of the old grimoires have baroque and elaborate procedures for conjuring spirits, Frater Osiris cuts through the Gordian knot of complexity and obfuscation to present us with a much more direct approach to evoking Goetic and Enochian spirits. It is simple, clear, practical and without mystification. It is highly accessible and designed to enable practitioners to assemble the few tools required, prepare themselves, and begin work almost immediately reaping the practical and spiritual benefits of sorcerous practice. Naturally, it is an approach that some won't like, but many more will appropriate and tune to their own satisfaction. Anyone can get started here.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

My academic work at Evergreen really helped me hone my writing and researching skills. In particular, the technique of conjunction analysis taught by Jorge Gilbert has served me well in my work, and the concept of literary journalism promoted by Tom Foote has also influenced my writing style. I worked for two years at the Cooper Point Journal as a writer, layout editor, and headline writer, which allowed me to express the ideas from the non-academic part of my writing brain.