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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1997




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Prior to attending Evergreen, I traveled extensively as both an exchange student and during my time in the US Marine Corps, so creating my own worlds full of interesting characters and fantastic places seemed the next logical step. I have completed my first work of Fantasy fiction called Askari, which is the first in my Child of Muralia trilogy. This work won the San Francisco Writer's Conference independent publishing competition and they have graciously given me a publishing package.

I now live in Shelton where my husband and I are raising four boys and a house full of pets. I am a substitute teacher when I'm not at the computer working on the rest of my series.

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Fiction, Children's Books

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Askari, Child of Muralia Book I

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A young heir and a female warrior from enemy lands form an uneasy alliance and undertake a perilous journey to save their world from the ancient evil that threatens to destroy it. Their quest becomes more treacherous as forces from their respective lands pursue the errant couple for their betrayal of the laws. Death and destruction follow in the pair as they make their way across the land of Muralia in search of the sacred stones that will complete the fabled Staff of Kulari, the only weapon capable of defeating the evil that has escaped the abyss. Once they assemble the staff, they must find the prophesied Child of Muralia, the one with the power to wield the staff successfully. The last thing they expect is for the prophesied child to be an even greater threat to their world than the demons.

Askari is available at the best price at the Barnes and Noble website: ISBN 978-1-4685-5984-2

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

My freshman course, called Mirrors of Language with Crable, introduced me to the works of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. Both have had a tremendous impact on my writing in how I create a story and find meaning behind it. Writing fantasy allows me to take the creation mythology and hero's journey and couple them with the archetypes that fascinated me in college. More than any other, this course truly shaped me into the person I am today. I doubt many students from other colleges have courses that have so completely helped to define their careers by speaking to them on such a primal level.

My sophomore year, I studied FONS before switching to a German-based studies program. Studying Nietzche and Wagner with Teske and Bailey helped me to refine and define my concepts of Jung and Campbell in greater detail by giving me contrast to compare them to. The following year, I took Paradigm of Progress, the study of Victorian England during the Industrial Revolution. The work focused on literature and I learned a lot about how to write appropriately and correctly.

Two of my professors at Evergreen have been immortalized in the print of my books: Mark Levinsky and Doranne Crable. Both had a tremendous impact on my outlook on life and were such interesting characters in and of themselves that I just couldn't resist! Their names have been changed to protect their innocence.