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B.A./B.S.  The Evergreen State College, 2009


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Jimmy James Blood, Cedar Street, 2011.

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Chapter 1: The Hell Out of Dodge

The Montana sky opened up and gave me snow. Snow to numb my wounds. Snow to cover my footprints. Snow to cushion the echo of the rifle as I fired it repeatedly.

Eventually, my target became shredded and my pocket empty of bullets. I gathered my debris and sat on my tailgate. I watched the patient conifers gather white snowflakes. I was alone except for lodge pole pine and grand fir. I knew that if I lay down underneath the branches, the green needles would hide my body. If I curled up there, I would soon freeze. Scavengers would eat my flesh. But the trees would remain, untouched. Because my survival meant nothing. I would always be a wild thing crouching. Jubilant only for brief moments during times of plenty. Comfort was ephemeral. Passion short-lived.

On the bench seat of my rusty white Ford was a .40 caliber handgun and a letter with ancient creases. I propped the rifle against the dashboard and climbed in next to the handgun and piece of paper. I tapped the snow from my boots and slammed the door. I had to crank the engine twice before it rumbled to life. At first the heater blew out cold air but soon the snow from my wool gloves melted onto the paper. I re-read the words I had already memorized. The frantic pencil lines were faded and smudged. But they stood out plainly in the reflected light from winter snow...