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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 2005
Masters in Teaching, Western Washington University, 2009


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Biographical Note

Quorri grew up in a pretty messed up family, foregoing a lot of the things people tend to need while they are growing up. [...] she finally straightened out her life and found the bliss and wonder within all that exists. Now she writes things. She hopes that people will like them. For money, she teaches children – which is the best thing she has ever done with her time on Earth.

Publication Types

Non-fiction, Poetry

Latest Publication Title

A Gypsy on the Rez, October 2011
Mutable Realia, March 2012

Publication Excerpt

A Gypsy on the Rez
The story became too hilarious. She started crying with laughter. She was laughing so hard, she could hardly breathe. But, it was like the orca whale smacking around the baby seal, it was so god damn funny, so unbelievably hilarious that it was hard to even comprehend or contain and then, at the same exact time, with no spaces in between, with no moment to differentiate the experience, it was impalpably, undeniably, ridiculously sad and awful. I had been there, I knew what she was feeling. There very simply is no sane way to deal with this feeling and if you haven’t had it, you just can’t know how it rips you apart.

If you’ve never watched an orca smack around a baby seal with whom you have bonded to the triumphant background music of pure success or told the story of the best moment of your life ignored by the one who was supposed to love you to your new lover and your family, you probably wouldn’t understand.

The tears were streaming down and the laughter hadn’t stopped, but you could see the pain rising up and covering her entire face, her whole body, and all of her bent inward into it.

The tears were streaming down and the laughter hadn’t stopped and it was a moment of release.

The tears were streaming down and I think the laughter had stopped and she got up and left the room and the new boyfriend laughed harder because he is sweet and understanding and he knew before I did that, yes, she did need my help, our help, and the best help I could give was to pretend I wasn’t there to witness her very private, very intimate, very real and messy realization and to just act like nothing significant had happened.

It’s not every day you have an emotional breakthrough and, if you need one, getting it over with is so like a hot bath after an 18 hour work day in the grime, the mud, and the cold, frigid, cutting rain; when your muscles are like tightwires wrapped around your aching soul and even your face hurts and then you just melt away into the warmth and golden liquid of your private, steaming release.

What did she realize? I don’t know. I wanted to run up to her and just hold her….or to run up to her and tell her [...] she should have only ever been given love and respect and support and [her father] was the one who lost out on that beautiful day. Or I wanted to just grab her and shake her and look her in the eye and tell her that she did it, she won. It was all over now. It had been over so long ago. She could let it all go now.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

Evergreen saved me from myself at a critical moment and brought me from obsessing within my inner-hell to reaching forth toward an outer-peace. Besides helping me develop my voice and my ability to succeed in everything I do, I also received an academic foundation that eventually led me toward my career of teaching. Thanks, Geoducks!