R.J. (Bob) Riggs

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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1980

Biographical Note

I graduated from Evergreen in both Management and Social Work. My first novel, Of Brave Courage, which is a coming-of-age, two-book set that takes place in Vietnam era America, was published in 2008. I also have had my fine arts photography on national exhibit since 2003 and recognized in the Critical Mass International review by the Ansel Adams Gallery. Currently my work is on exhibit at Princeton and will be in London soon.

Publication Types

Non-Fiction, Fiction

Latest Publication

Of Good Courage, iUniverse, 2008

Additional Publications

Innsights: an Innsitter's Tale, PublishAmerica, 2004

Publication Excerpt

About Innsights: an Innsitter's Tale:

Come along with me on a most interesting journey. In my midlife I changed career courses from social worker to business owner. I became an independent contractor who takes care of bed and breakfasts on a temporary basis while the owners/innkeepers take their vacations. I take the reader along with me as I explain my life, which really was geared all along towards hospitality service and entrepreneurship. In this book I go into detailed discussion concerning how to become an innsitter, and I cover all aspects of running an inn. I include stories about unique and humorous events, episodes with eccentric people which I somehow survived, and flourished in business. My love for the people I serve and who have come to rely upon my service compelled me to write this "tale."