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Tools Between People: Voting rules affect our laws – and our views on life. By making us practice winner-take-all or sharing, rules change the way we treat each other and see the world. Expectations of voting can rise with better rules. They work less as tools to fight culture wars, more as tools to support the freedom of diverse communities.

This brief book shows that different jobs for voting need different kinds of voting.
All good voting rules expand the base of power, the number of voters supporting:
a Chairperson from a plurality to a majority,
a Council from a plurality to over three quarters,
a Budget from a few power blocs to all members,
a Policy from a one-sided to an over-all majority.

The best rules give voters more effective votes – so they give stronger mandates to the winners.

Act! Learn more in the e-book, Accurate Democracy. Then build support in your school, club or town with FairVote, The Center for Voting and Democracy.

Steps toward accurate democracy include:

  • Organize Voters, with Transferable Votes.
  • Represent Everyone, with Proportional Representation.
  • Empower Everyone, with Fair-share Spending!
  • Center Policies, with Pairwise Winners.

My website offers sim games and handouts, plus free ballot-entry and tally software.
Enjoy changing the world!

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