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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 2004


Last Word Books and Press


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Sky Cosby grew up in his father's bookstore in Walla Walla, Washington before landing at Evergreen. In 2002, at age 19, he opened Last Word Books and Press in downtown Olympia, receiving college credit at Evergreen in the process. He is a published poet and printer of books, pamphlets and broadsides.

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Rad Dad

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The title of this could be: "Parenting Through a Breakup" or "Overcoming Addictions as a Young Parent and Treading Water in the Aftermath" or "Having Kids, A Girlfriend, and a Baby Mama All at the Same Time" or "Holistic Therapy & Utilizing All the Resources of Your Community, Even if Part of You Hates Doing It" or "What the Fuck is Yoga and Who Took My Forty?"

Now I have to deal with the wreckage and aftermath and conflicts of interest and vendettas sprung from my selfishness and emotional immaturity. Now I have to reckon with the results of my own actions. And I have to learn how to do all this without tearing myself apart with guilt and self-pity. I wish I hadn't had to do it the way that I did, the way that I am. I wish I had found a better way, a way to communicate my ideas and feelings to my friends as I pulled away, to explain my self and my necessary, temporary, painful absence from their lives but not their hearts. Instead I just donned the tough-guy mask and plodded forward stubbornly. I didn't share myself. I didn't share what was in my head, what was in my heart. Those bonds take so much longer to build back up after they've been broken. So that now I have to write about it, so that others can hear and perhaps avoid some slightly similar situation in a healthy, nonviolent, creative way.

We really are the only ones who can fix ourselves. Other people can aid us, give us gentle guidance, instill us with new methods or ideas. Around me people burn bridges that were so beautiful and leave each other in the ashes. Around me people abuse their bodies and minds and push themselves into a stupor closing in on death. Around me, flames burn bright and fast and threaten to extinguish themselves or each other. As communities we must learn to band together to fend off these flames from engulfing the fragile camps we have set into this wilderness of stimulus. Through a wicked cocktail of drugs, media, and privilege we have effectively stunted our own emotional growth and development. We must learn how to voice and share and thereby re-channel our collective anger and regret and fear and hate and worry into a cohesive, constructive force to be aimed at the heart of these issues: health care, poverty, anger-management, family planning and sex education, male bonding, patria rchy, alternative resources and support networks for young parents, other options to state-mandated assistance, a fundamental revamping of our educational system and a focusing-in on systemic problems contributing to our fractured society and sense of place. Need I go on? I share myself with you and ask for nothing in return save that you listen and let my words move through you.

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How did Evergreen help you in your career?

Evergreen helped expand my horizons and focus in on my real interests and talents fairly quickly, and I rather rashly opened a business as a cocky 19 year old sophomore. And it worked! Sort of... ten years later and I don't exactly get a paycheck from my own business, but that's just because I chose a noble field and bookselling is hard work. I probably could have done exactly what I'm doing now without having gone to college, but college helped me find the people I'm running a bookstore with. And they have vicariously and directly supported me in a wide variety of ways ever since we opened, from allowing us to sell books on campus, to providing us with an intelligent crop of young, passionate volunteers and interns.