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Associate of Arts, Art Institute of Seattle, 2004
B.A., The Evergreen State College, 2012


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Tasha Ina Church is a multi-cultural children's book author. In September of 2011, she launched her book, We Are One at the Falling of the Sun, at the Washington State History Museum. Since then, she organized a multi-cultural awareness tour of book readings in Thurston, Pierce and King Counties at community festivals, libraries, museums, schools, youth centers, etc. Ms. Church developed a website to promote youth literature, multi-culturalism and connect with general public on educational advocacy and other events surrounding education. She has presented Cultural Competency themed workshops in the Tacoma School District, Federal Way School District, Puyallup School District, and Kent School District. Created an original curriculum to assist K-12 instructors in opening up discussions surrounding race and equity issues as well as engage students in multicultural dialogue.

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Children's Books

Latest Publication Title

We Are One at the Falling of the Sun

Publication Excerpt

In a world where everyone stayed apart their love drew them together...

Long before records were written, before there was such a thing as time, there were beings on this earth that felt no fear or pain. All were happy. The sun always shown and night never fell over the land. There were three main families: those of the sky, those of the land, and those of the sea. They all had an understanding, everyone stayed in their realm. This is how it had been and all believed it would be forever...

MeiFai, a sun princess, fell in love with Kiros, a prince of the sea. Read how their love changed the world as we know it.

Additional Publications

Tasha Ina Church has published works in the Pierce County Journal. She is continuing to write multicultural children's books as well.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

The Evergreen State College Tacoma Campus was a liberating experience. It was a time of extreme transformation for me and I loved taking Professor Bacho's creative writing courses. Though the written portion of my book was finished before I went to school at Evergreen, I know he continued to keep me inspired to write and helped me to hone my skills even more.