Tom Maddox

Tom MaddoxEducation

B.S., The Evergreen State College, 1975
Ph.D., American University, Washington DC
Former Faculty, The Evergreen State College


Thomas Maddox


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Publication Types

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Journalism, Scholastic


“First Person Shooter,” episode of The X-Files, February, 2000
“Killswitch,” episode of The X-Files, with William Gibson, February, 1998
"The Science Fiction Invasion," Encyclopedia Americana Annual 1997, Grolier, Incorporated
"Reports from the Electronic Frontier" (monthly column), Locus, September, 1992-February, 1994, also syndicated in Italian magazines and Scitech Review
"Cultural Consequences of the National Information Infrastructure," Wilson Quarterly, July, 1994, and in Media in America: The Wilson Quarterly Reader, edited by Douglas Gomery and Lawrence W. Lichty, Johns Hopkins Press, 1998
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"Gravity's Angel" (fiction), Omni, November, 1992
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Halo (novel), Tor Books, United States and Century-Hutchinson, England, 1991
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