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B.S, The Evergreen State College, 1981
Ph.D., Psychology, University of Arizona
M.S., Chemistry, University of California at Santa Cruz
Former Faculty Member, The Evergreen State College


Repose: The Potent Pause
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I have a new book, entitled "Repose: The Potent Pause," that just spent three days atop the Amazon Best Seller list in two categories (including Short Reads in Science and Math). The book, co-authored with Tucson rehabilitation specialist Jhan Kold, introduces readers to a simple relaxation technique called Repose, which has important physical and mental health benefits. You can see a description of the book at or learn more at

I have written two other books, The Way of Play: Reclaiming Divine Fun and Celebration (2011) and The Chanter's Guide: Sacred Chanting as a Shamanic Practice, as well as electronic textbooks on abnormal psychology, biopsychology, health psychology, human sexuality, research methods, and social psychology. I have produced four audio CDs: "Chakra Tones" (2009), "Global Chant 1" (2008), "Four Meditations" (2004), and "Biofeedback, Hypnosis, and Relaxation" (2003).

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Repose: The Potent Pause with Jhan Kold

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Discover Repose, a new resource that can enhance health, eliminate stress, slow down aging, elevate mood, reduce pain, improve sleep, and increase productivity.Repose represents a major breakthrough in health prevention that is simple, free, and highly effective. This book will answer all your questions about Repose and get you started on a path that will enhance virtually every aspect of your life. You will see the science behind Repose and hear the real-life stories of people who have already reaped the benefits.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

As an Evergreen student (1979-81), I strengthened my writing and analytical skills greatly, especially through a memorably challenging individual contract I did with Thad Curtz. Then as an Evergreen faculty member, I had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii with the Tropical Biology program in 1983, where I had my first exposure to coral reefs. My fascination with reefs led me to Fiji and Australia two years later, where I had the profound life experiences that propelled me into the field of psychology and that inspired my continuing exploration of spirituality and human consciousness.