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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1975


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1975 TESC graduate Wayne Iverson was an All-American boy from Minnesota who first attended Yale University. An identity crisis led to three years of roaming. He transferred to Evergreen and hopped freight trains. He became a city planner in western ski areas, then a monk for seven years. Married in Colorado, he and his wife moved to Oklahoma to assist her parents. That Dharma done, once again the mountains beckon. A move back to Colorado is imminent.

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Hobo Sapien: Freight Train Hopping Tao and Zen, Robert Reed Publishers, 2010

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Garrison Keillor meets Jack Kerouac meets Mahatma Gandhi in this wry, road-wise scripture. Hobo Sapien is a series of freight train parables born out of the author's 12-plus years riding freight trains, combined with lessons learned in his 7-year stint as a monk, plus the added bonus of fascinating railroad history. Armchair adventurers, rail fans, spiritual seekers, and academia nuts will all gather intriguing information from thai missive. It is vastly different from other hobo books because of its unparalleled combination of adventure, rail history, humor, and spirituality. The author's background is also unique and varied. Not many hobos have gone from Yale to rail or from hunk to monk.

"I've been waiting years to hold a copy of Wayne's book in my hands. I admire the relaxed way he has of easing spiritual lessons into the death-defying details of freight train hopping, with clarity and humor. Hobo Sapien is an exceptional book, to read, re-read, and take to heart." Karen Chamberlain, author of Desert of the Heart: Sojourn in a Community of Solitudes

"A virtual case study in contemporary and historical Americana, this is an especially helpful text for easing students into cultural, historical and religious studies." Dr. Tom Boyd, legendary University of Oklahoma professor who uses the book in his class titled "Religion, Culture and the Meaning of Life."