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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 2007


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Originally from Oklahoma City. I came to Evergreen in 2004 and graduated in 2007. I have been living and teaching English in Taiwan for around five years, and now live in Costa Rica where I am a copywriter for www.costaricamonkeytours.com. My first book is titled "Kindie Kung Fu," and is about the class I created in Taiwan at my kindergarten. The book is now available in Spanish under the title, "Kindie Kung Fu En Español," at a number of online retailers, and is available in print through Createspace.com.

I have also written a free book of poetry and a novella available at a number of online retailers including Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Diesel ebooks and more. It's titled "Selected Poetry and Songs," and the content includes love, war, travels and more. The novella is about an English teacher that comes back to Taiwan after teaching for a year in Japan, and the mysterious adventure he and his friend go on to the south of Taiwan. "Hiragami's Box," is the title of that book.

I want to say thanks to Evergreen for the support, the education and much more.

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Costa Rica’s Thanksgiving Celebration

For Costa Ricans the prospect of Thanksgiving comes as second nature. It is included in daily conversations upon meeting (Como le fue…bien, gracias a Dios), or when speaking about work (Yo tengo mucho brete, gracias a Dios). The times when the phrase gracias a Dios (thanks be to God) is used are numerous, and, therefore, embedded into the culture itself.

As expats from the United States pave deeper and deeper inroads into the heart and soul of this Costa Rican life, the desire to be at both the place of origin and the present home become palpable. There are plenty of opportunities for expats to get a taste of home while here in Costa Rica. Many of the hotels here in Costa Rica will cater Thanksgiving events on or around November 28th. You can find turkeys in markets like Auto Mercado, Walmart and PriceSmart, along with the standard fixin’s for your turkey dinners (i.e. cranberry sauce, potatoes for mashing, brown sugar carrots, green bean casserole etc.).

There are also a number of restaurants that hold thanksgiving festivities in various places. Some of these restaurants may not cater the meal in the same fashion as what is considered traditional, but even that term “Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner,” is up for debate in many different locations of the United States. Just ask someone in Louisiana what Thanksgiving dinner is and you will be very surprised by the answer.

It is somewhere between the two pathways to showing appreciation for home, hearth and Providence; that of the immediate and daily Thanksgiving of Costa Rican people, and the time honored tradition of Thanksgiving as first begun by the native peoples and the pilgrims so near to that now famous rock in the sea, that the two cultures can form crossroads of cultural expression. The Costa Rica that seeks to say, “Thanks,” for the daily Providence, and the United States that seeks to allocate a day from which to celebrate the harvest are not so different.

So when you are sitting down to your big turkey dinner, or maybe casado con pollo, bistec o pescado, remember that thanks you may find yourself giving is that same thanks of the culture you are living in. It might come in a different package. It may not even seem the same at first, but rest assured that it’s a Thanksgiving that merits all the enthusiasm which is poured into it from Costa Rican or expat alike.

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66 Years without an Army in Costa Rica

On December 1st, 1948, Costa Rica became part of a list that currently includes only twenty one nations world-wide, and that fact is a point of pride for many here and abroad.

It was under the presidency of José Figueres Ferrer that Costa Rica enacted a constitutional amendment in 1949 towards the development of a more humane system and policy. As the United States, China, the United Kingdom, France and the Russian Federation take lead of the nuclear club, Costa Rica stands adamantly on the other side of the spectrum. Most Costa Rican citizens have never seen a war plane or tank on their land, nor have they watched a submarine or battle-ship intermingling with the Orcas and Humpbacks of Ballena Bahía.

The land of Costa Rica is preserved for its people and its more than 500,000 species of which it is in a list of only twenty other nations in the world. Costa Rica and these twenty other nations represent the countries with the most biodiversity on the planet. Costa Rica seeks to protect the land and its people, but it does so in a very different way from many other nations. Currently, twenty seven percent of the country is protected under the status of national park, wildlife refuge and the like.

These vested interests in maintaining biodiversity and the preservation of flora and fauna are making returns on the investment by the people and government of Costa Rica. The vested interests in universal education and universal health care are correspondingly contributing to the betterment of the society of Costa Rica. Putting government funds towards a better infrastructure for conservation, education and health care is not only practical, it’s rewarding.

Where Costa Rica frequently tops the list of the Happy Planet Index as being the “Happiest Country” in the world, some of the more developed nations and economies fall far down on the register. This country often rates highest among the Central American nations for Human Development, as well. Capital punishment was abolished in 1877, the first nature reserve (Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve) was established in 1963 and on this day in 1948 Costa Rica made a pledge to its people and the world that it would seek more fruitful ventures than the maintenance of a warring faction.

Costa Rica has much to be proud of on this day of celebration, as it stands up among the nations for the ideals which the greatest thinkers, orators and advocates have promoted since time in memorial.

How Did Evergreen Help You in Your Career?

Evergreen was a tremendous force in advancing my base of knowledge and understanding. The college itself and the faculty and staff gave me many tools that I use on a daily basis to live and experience the world in a more enriching way than if I had  never set foot on the most beautiful campus (in my arrogant opinion) in the world.