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Will Gentry


B.A., The Evergreen State College, 2007


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Biographical Note

Originally from Oklahoma City. I came to Evergreen in 2004 and graduated in 2007. I have been living and teaching English in Taiwan for around five years. My first book is titled "Kindie Kung Fu," and is about the class I created in Taiwan at my kindergarten. The book is now available in Spanish under the title, "Kindie Kung Fu En Español," at a number of online retailers, and will soon be available in print through Createspace.

I have also written a free book of poetry and a novella available at a number of online retailers including Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Diesel ebooks and more. It's titled "Selected Poetry and Songs," and the content includes love, war, travels and more. The novella is about an English teacher that comes back to Taiwan after teaching for a year in Japan, and the mysterious adventure he and his friend go on to the south of Taiwan. "Hiragami's Box," is the title of that book.

I want to say thanks to Evergreen for the support, the education and much more.

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Hiragami's Box

Publication Excerpt

Suddenly, his view of the world changed as if he was watching himself from above. He must be unconscious it occurred to him like some strange thought passing by a window in his recently emptied head. These were the last remaining ruminations of his now disseminating consciousness. He watched as the onslaught continued on his poor, ragged corpse. He couldn't feel anything except a distant thudding as his body arched and crested by way of reflexes with the blows he observed.

The thudding slowly passed, and he began to drift away from the violence below him. The last thing he remembered before losing what was left of his corporeal form was the sound of music playing. It was something not completely unfamiliar. The last word that crossed his entity's awareness was, “Beethoven.”

Excerpt from "Shade Tree Farm," Selected Poetry and Songs:

I was out walking through the shade tree farm
The sky was clear and the sun was warm
I was glad to be in the shade tree farm
The breeze was cool and the sun did no harm

I went down to take water from the crik
When I saw a fair maiden jus' a bathin' in it
In a shallow pool she was bathin'
Said, "waters fine, won’t ya come on in."

Shy as I was I only approached
Reached down to wet my lips
Sittin' there at the water’s edge
She pulled me in the crik bed

We was jus' a laffin' and a havin' fun
When there came a shadow upon the sun
I saw the farmer with a shotgun
He said, "Whatch-ya doin' wit' my daughter son"

I said, "I was jus' walkin' through yer shade tree farm,
The sky was clear and the sun was warm,
I went down to the crik to take some water,
And I run into your daughter."

"Now, I don' mean no harm,
But jus' to admire your shade tree farm."
He said, "That don' sound right,
And you best leave now
or I bury you tonight."

It's kinda lonesome when you’re travelin

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How Did Evergreen Help You in Your Career?

Evergreen was a tremendous force in advancing my base of knowledge and understanding. The college itself and the faculty and staff gave me many tools that I use on a daily basis to live and experience the world in a more enriching way than if I had  never set foot on the most beautiful campus (in my arrogant opinion) in the world.