W. Peter Miller

W Peter Miller


B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1983


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Biographical Note

Peter Miller grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio with an amazingly talented group of friends who from a very young age were creating media. They made up radio shows, shot super-8 films, built dioramas, played punk music and made each other laugh. There were some advantages in those days, long before the internet, because young imaginations were free to run wild. Miller wrote a few short stories in high school and his first screenplay at Evergreen during a semester of "The Detective and Film Noir." After College he wrote an RPG book for Steve Jackson Games in Texas. He then spent a long time writing screenplays that no one of note in the motion picture industry has read. There were many years where he didn't write anything, but in time he started a blog at http://docsavagetales.blogspot.com/ and connected with a group of pulp writers who were creating new stories with classic (1930s) pulp characters. One of the publishers, Cornerstone Books / Airship 27 Productions, encouraged him to write a story and they bought it. They have since picked up another and he is working on many more. After Evergreen, he moved to Los Angeles and built a career in editing low budget trailers and feature films. After more than twenty films, he joined Sony Pictures supervising the finishing of motion picture trailers. Mr. Miller lives in Burbank, CA with his lovely wife Barbara and their three children.


Publication Types

Fiction, Journalism

Latest Publication Title

The Green Lama Volume One, Cornerstone Books, 2009

Additional Publications

The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide, West Coast Edition, Steve Jackson Games, 1987

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

Evergreen provided the flexibility and guidance that I needed. By offering facilities and structure that supported creating my own program, Evergreen helped me start my future. I don't think that there is another College that would have supported me in the way that Evergreen did. When I got to Los Angeles, I dove right in and got to work in film editorial. The many films that I shot and edited while at Evergreen gave me the confidence and the ability to move quickly out of assisting to far more creative and artistic editorial positions.