2010-11 Annual Report (Full PDF)

Our online annual report is a more sustainable alternative to a printed annual report, saving funds and natural resources.

Evergreen Highlights 2010-11

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From the President

From the Vice President for College Advancement and Executive Director, The Evergreen State College Foundation

Why It Matters... 2010-11 Giving Profiles

Campus News

Another Art of Living Success
Funds for Scholarships

Campus Point Regains Its Native Name

Evergreen is a Top Peace Corps College
19 Alumni Serving others

Evergreen Offers Opportunity to Underserved Students
Funding for Low-income, First-generation Students

Evergreen Wins Major Gates Foundation Grant

Longhouse-Squaxin Island Partnership
Wins NEA Support 

New Sustainable Agriculture Lab
Students help Design New Building at Organic Farm

Recognizing and Serving Veterans