Cross Country

January 23, 2005
by Taryn k. Gerhardt

Chehalis' Dan Foster and Centralia's Mark Dulin stop their watches
after completing the course during Saturday's Capitol Peak race.

OLYMPIA, WA -- About 120 trail runners from around the region tested their fitness at the 4th annual Capitol Peak 25 and 50-kilometer ultra-distance race yesterday in Capitol State Forest.

The weather cooperated, bringing mild temperatures and intermittent rain, for those who ran the 25-kilometer loop from the Falls Creek Campground to Capitol Peak.

"It was muddy, but it was beautiful. It was nice because there was a lot of variety -- long climbs and rolling hills -- I felt solid all the way," Jim Kerby of Carnation said.

Kerby came in second in the 50-kilometer race (5:07). Kerby is a top national ultra-distance runner, setting a course record (15 hours, 37 minutes) in October at the Arkansas Traveler 100, a 100-mile race near Little Rock, Ark.

Kyle Skaggs, a junior cross country runner at The Evergreen State College, won Saturday's 50-kilometer race with a time of 4:53. Skaggs just started running last year.

"It was hard, but it was fun," Skaggs said.

Evergreen cross country coach Craig Dickson ran the second lap with Skaggs.

"I was surprised how fast his first split was -- 2:12," Dickson said. "He was solid the whole race. We walked some of the steep sections -- on some sections, it's quicker than running."

The third-place finisher in the 50-kilometer race was Seattle's Justin Angle, with a time of 5:20.

The top finishers for the men in the 25-kilometer race included Todd Pehowski (2:03), Dan Wesley (2:19) and Robert Palmquist (2:19). Jenny Knight (2:41), Maureen Cavanaugh (2:48) and Beth Reiter (2:48) were the top three women.

The race was a season opener for the ultra-distance community and a fund-raiser for the family of Scott McQueeney, an ultra runner from Portland who died in the spring of 2003.

Race director John Pearch said many long-time runners came out for the race, but they also brought their friends, so there were more people who were new to racing.

"More people are doing the 50K this year. I think the weather is more agreeable," he said.

"It was the burliest thing I've ever done. I have never ran that far before," Evergreen student Andy Kociubuk said after finishing the 25K.

The event also brought out more younger runners than usual.

Several runners from Capital High School and Evergreen were on hand either to volunteer or run the race. Brothers Jason, 16, and Bobby, 16 and Wes Seipel, 19, did the race together with their friend, Sam Lowe, 15.

"I was pumped to do it. I've never done a trail run in my life," Wes Seipel said.

"It was fun seeing everyone come in with smiles on their faces and all muddy," said Chris McIssac, a junior at Capital.

The next ultra distance race will be June 11. It's a 50-mile and 25-kilometer race, organized by Pearch.

34 mile Time halfway split NAME
4:53 2:14 Kyle Skaggs
5:07 2:28 James Kerby
5:20 2:31 Justin Angle
5:39 2:35 Scott McCourbrey
5:45 2:37 Glenn Rogers
5:57 2:47 Jeff Kozak
5:58 2:48 Krissy Sybrowsky 1st female
6:05 2:48 Mark Hartinger
6:07 John Liebeskind
6:10 2:58 Mike Burke
6:12 2:49 Iliana Avila-Campillo 2nd female
6:12 2:48 Eric Sach
6:14 2:58 Cary Miller
6:14 2:56 Carol O'Hear 3rd female
6:17 2:48 Mark Bodamer
6:21 3:05 Tony Phillippi
6:21 2:53 Annie Thiessen
6:25 3:02 Eb Engelmann
6:28 2:56 James Varner
6:33 2:59 Glenn Tachiyama
6:33 2:59 Tony Covarrubias
6:33 3:02 Caroline Klug
6:49 3:09 Van Phan
6:50 3:09 Steve Yee
6:57 3:03 Walter Edwards
7:04 3:12 Kurt Lauer
7:24 2:58 Stuart Johnston
7:28 3:34 John Bandur
7:36 3:07 Steve Petersen
8:24 3:11 Sam Warren
8:24 3:07 Chris Carlsten
8:30 4:05 Tracy O'Hare
8:31 3:33 Tom Riley
8:31 3:31 Don Mukai
9:14 4:22 Cheri Gillis
9:14 4:22 Rick Haase