Geoduck Assistant Barnes Leads Hoop Team to Washington Senior Games Title

Leonard Barnes
Leonard Barnes

July 27, 2008

TUMWATER, Wash. - Two members of The Evergreen State College athletics staff shone in the basketball competition at the Washington State Senior Games on Saturday, though finishing at opposite ends of the final standings.

Leonard Barnes, entering his third season as a men's basketball assistant coach for the Geoducks, led his Total Package team to rally from a halftime deficit to a 47-39 gold medal victory over a tough Ballard Masters team in the 50-54 division.

Barnes, whose team finished second in the tournament a year ago, was all over the halfcourt in the 3-on-3 format, rebounding, defending and nailing three point shots.

Athletics director Dave Weber, a last minute addition to the Oly Pops team which finished fifth, shook off a 13-year absence from competition and a significant lack of aerobic conditioning to score 12 points and 11 points in the two games he played. Weber's team had already played Total Package by the time he replaced an injured player on the Pops' roster so there was no Barnes-Weber matchup.

"Thankfully," said Weber. "Leonard is a great advertisement for the Senior Games. When I was asked by a friend to come down and finish out the tournament I greatly underestimated the level of play. Watching Leonard and his team mates was an education. They can still get the most out of their considerable talent. I've always thought of Leonard as the 'player's coach' on our staff and its no wonder -- he's still a player himself."

Barnes, 52, and Weber, 53, are the only members of Evergreen's coaching or athletic administration staff to have accumulated enough years on the planet to be eligible for the Senior Games.

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