2012-2013 Men's Basketball Schedule

All home games played in the CRC gymnasium
Ticket and game admission info for home games.
Bold denotes home games.

Month Date Day Opponent Location Time


1 Thu Seattle Mountaineers (Exhib.) Olympia, Wash. L 72-85
6 Tue Northwest University Kirkland, Wash. L 50-96
7 Wed Seattle University (Exhib.) Seattle, Wash. L 34-117
9 Fri University of Great Falls Spokane, Wash. L 61-64
10 Sat Montana Tech Spokane, Wash. L 54-74
13 Tue Saint Martin's University (Exhib.) Olympia, Wash. L 50-66
23 Fri Pacific Lutheran University Parkland, Wash. L 45-76
24 Sat University of Puget Sound Parkland, Wash. W 74-66


1 Sat *Northwest University Olympia, Wash. L 89-94 (2OT)
7 Fri Lewis-Clark State College Olympia, Wash. L 68-73
8 Sat Seattle Pacific University Seattle, Wash. L 45-80
11 Tue Central Washington University Ellensburg, Wash. L 59-100
17 Mon *Corban University Olympia, Wash. L 57-68
18 Tue *Northwest Christian University Olympia, Wash. W 74-64
21 Fri *Eastern Oregon University La Grande, Ore. L 60-77
22 Sat *College of Idaho Caldwell, Idaho  L 69-81


4 Fri *Concordia University Olympia, Wash. L 65-84
5 Sat *Warner Pacific College Olympia, Wash. L 40-74
11 Fri *Southern Oregon University Ashland, Ore. L 70-77
12 Sat *Oregon Institute of Technology Klamath Falls, Ore. L 68-71
18 Fri *Northwest Christian University Eugene, Ore. L 62-73
19 Sat *Corban University Salem, Ore. L 70-76
25 Fri *College of Idaho Olympia, Wash. L 78-89
26 Sat *Eastern Oregon University Olympia, Wash. L 67-82


1 Fri *Warner Pacific College Portland, Ore. L 59-78
2 Sat *Concordia University Portland, Ore. L 67-78
8 Fri *Oregon Institute of Technology Olympia, Wash. L 54-68
9 Sat *Southern Oregon University Olympia, Wash. L 56-75
16 Sat *Northwest University Kirkland, Wash. L 63-89

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