Women's volleyball defeats Puget Sound Christian 3-0

September 19, 2006

Olympia, WA - Evergreen needed a win and that's what they got in tonight's match against Puget Sound Christian College.

It's been a struggle this season for Evergreen's volleyball team, having lost their last four games. That said, Evergreen isn't going to let that stop them from playing hard. They've been up against some very talented teams this season, they have experienced veterans on the team like Chelsea Jacobson and Emily Peterson and talented freshman players that look good for Evergreen's future.

Their win over Puget Sound Christian College may have been the mid-season boost they needed. The game also announced the first game for newcomer Jenika Schuler. Shuler was impressive in her first game with six kills, five defensive digs and twelve assists. It was a good night to let the newer players have some limelight. Erin Caldwell, who had eight kills and thirteen assists, is contributing well this season. Leah Kronenberg has seen very little play this season and scored four kills and seven assists.

The final scores were 30-17, 30-16, 30-14. Evergreen is away this Friday at Warner Pacific in Portland, OR .