Geoducks hit buzzer shot for win over Boxers

November 19, 2005

Olympia, WA - The Geoducks fought another battle Saturday night and came out with the heart-stopping buzzer win in their game against the Pacific University Boxers. Coming out more intense than previous games Evergreen kept a continuous lead over Pacific throughout most of the first half. Although in control of the lead, the Geoducks seemed to have an imaginary covering over their hoop tonight, going into the half making only 9 of 31 attempts from field goal range.

With a lead of 26-21 going into the locker rooms, junior captain, Jenny Olson, lead the team in points with 10 and 5 rebounds.

Coming out the second half, the intensity was still up, but the Geoducks found it difficult to capitalize on opportunity's given to them. With respectively six minutes left to play Evergreen had let the lead go and was down by eleven points, but quickly brought that down to four and tied it with 3:02 remaining.

At the 1:17-minute mark sophomore 5'11, Danielle Keenan (13 points for the game) hit a clutch shot giving the Geoducks the 49-47 lead. At one minute, Evergreen sent Sara Harsin to the line with the chance to tie it, but could only put one of the two attempts in, making the score 49-48.

With the seconds ticking the Geoducks allowed for an unforced turnover giving the Boxers the opportunity to score-which they did. Kris Stevens put down a field goal to give Pacific the 50-49 lead.

At approximately the fifteen-second mark, Evergreen made a futile attempt for the game winning shot, the ball being rebounded by the Boxers. With six seconds the Geoduck's junior Katie Floyd was forced to foul sending her out with five fouls and sending junior Trisha Terhar to line with two chances to cushion the lead-she couldn't take advantage of them.

Jenny Olson rebounding the second missed free throw and got it to senior point guard Dalia Gomez, who brought it up the court and with eight seconds on the clock called a time-out. With Evergreen taking it out on the sideline, freshman Courtnie Wilson screened for Gomez, who went baseline, took a step forward, pulled back with a fade away jumper, at the buzzer, made the shot to win the game 51-50.

The Geoducks will be taking on Pacific Lutheran University on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 6p.m.