Purtteman adding more athletes to an already talented team

May 22, 2007

Olympia, WA - Head coach John Purtteman continues to add more players to the 2007 team. With a returning group of players that have playoff experience and a recruiting class that boasts talented athletes, Purtteman is looking forward to August when practice begins.

Recently the Women's Soccer Team added five players to the roster.

Jerae Kelly, a defender from Stanwood High School, plays a strong 1 on 1 game. "She has a great sense of combination play and times her runs very well" notes Purtteman. Kelly was named First Team All-WESCO following her most recent high school season.

Adding to the defense is goal keeper Sonya Daisley-Harrison. While it will be tough to replace Carly Stewart, an All-American who graduates this spring, Daisley-Harrison already has experience that stands her out from the crowd. Playing for Tahoma High School and the Eastside Football Club '88, she will join her club team at the Regional Club Championships in Las Vegas this summer representing Washington. Purtteman is impressed with her "bravery and technical ability that makes for great goalkeepers".

Tivoli Farler is from nearby Capital High School in Olympia. A central midfield player, she has a "great first touch and the vision to play teammates in" observes Purtteman.

From Vancouver, Washington and Clark College, Amanda Donachie will join the team as a versitile player in the midfield. A strong player with an accurate foot, she'll bring to the team a variety of play options.

After sitting out a year following travel abroad, Kate Green (Kentwood, HS) will return to the Geoducks for the '07 season. Kate is a fantastic all around player who can fill multiple roles in attack and defense. Coach Purtteman is enthusiastic for her return. "She's a natural leader, Kate's return will make an immediate impact on the team".

The teams final roster will be announced in the summer.