Budget Planning, 2001-2002

Evergreen's budgeting process follows the two-year cycle set by the State of Washington. The process is described in the college's budget policy. This page provides links to key documents created in the budget planning process for the current, 2001-2003 biennium.

July 2001

The Board of Trustees adopts the college operating budget for 2001-2003. The following files are in Adobe PDF format.

  • Operating Budget and Expenditure Plan. The details of the President's recommendation to the board are included in this document.
  • Executive Summary. At its July meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a recommendation from the President establishing the college's budget for 2001-2003.

December 2001
Anticipating that the legislature would reduce the college's budget for the second year of the biennium, the President appointed a Planning and Budget Council (PBC) to recommend budget adjustments. The president announced the formation of the PBC in an e-mail message to the campus community.

May 2002

The Planning and Budget Council presented their recommendations to the President on May 1. The President shared the PBC's recommendations with the Board of Trustees at a work session on May 8

June 2002
The President presented his recommendation the the Board of Trustees at their June meeting. Acting on the President's recommendation, the Board voted to make make modifications to the budget to take effect on July 1, 2002.

For more information about these documents or Evergreen's budget and planning process, please contact Steve Trotter, Executive Director for Operational Planning and Budget.