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Cash Deposits

How to make your deposits in a "cashier friendly" way.

When deposits are made in this manner, it is less likely that coin will get lost or that the wrong account will be credited with your deposit.

Counting your Cash and Checks
  • Checks: Please add your checks on an adding machine and bundle the adding machine tape with your checks using a paper clip or rubber band.
  • Checks are made payable to: The Evergreen State College.
  • Cash: counting bills and coins.

Count in either ascending or descending order, with all of your bills facing up and in the same direction. It is important to bundle your bills with a rubber band in the following amounts:

  • Ones - $25 bundles
  • Fives- $100 bundles
  • Tens- $250 bundles
  • Twenties- $500 bundles
  • Fifties- $2000 bundles
  • Hundreds- $2000 bundles

Please separate your unrolled coin in baggies or small envelopes. (This secures your coin, ensuring that none is lost in transit.) Please roll coin that is over:

  • Pennies- $0.50
  • Nickels- $2.00
  • Dimes- $5.00
  • Quarters- $10.00

Coin rolls are available in the Cashier's Office

Cash Handling Procedures
  • Cash left on campus overnight must be placed in a secured vault (A locked box within a locked room will not meet these requirements.) If your office doesn't have a vault, then you must deposit your money in the Cashier's Night Drop (1st floor of Library Building)
  • Collections of $500 or more must be deposited daily.
  • Cash cannot be paid out of your receipts for any reason. (An example of this would be giving money from your till to a student for the purchase of last minute refreshments.)
  • Pre-numbered tickets or receipts must be given for every cash collection, unless your event is "Donation Only". This cash must match the total amount of your receipts, and any difference needs to be recorded as an "over" or "short".
  • If you do not feel comfortable carrying large amounts of cash across campus, The Evergreen State College campus police are available to escort you. Their extension is 6140.
  • As a cash custodian, you may be held personally liable for any misplaced cash, so please follow the above instructions carefully.
  • Additional cash handling information.
The Deposit Slip

It is very important when making a deposit to fill out a deposit slip. (These are available in the Cashier's office.) This ensures that we know the correct account number for your deposit, and that it is done in a timely manner. The following are very important to remember:

  • Record all of your cash and checks on the top half of the deposit slip, along with a total. (If you have checked out a till subtract the original till amount from the total deposit, and circle this number, this will be your Deposit Total.)
  • In the center of the slip, record your receipt or ticket numbers. If tickets were sold, please write the ticket prices next to the numbers.
  • Always include your budget account information (organization code and account code). We cannot complete the deposit without this information.
  • If you want a detailed description of which event or which sub-account your deposit is going into, please fill out the description section next to the account number (Eg. Ticket sales- Pond Concert).
  • Make sure your total on the accounting code section matches the total on the Deposit Total line, and don't forget to include your "over"/"short" if you have one.