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Client Services: Services provided directly to The Evergreen State College clients including, but not limited to, medical and dental services, employment and training programs, and educational needs. Only when the contractor provides direct services to the client is the contract designated client services. Contracts that, under the scope of services, will ultimately benefit the client, but do not provide a service to the client directly are not considered client services. The contract providing the service to the client is the client service contract.

Evidence of Competition: Refers to documentation supporting an investigation into alternative sources of a person service. Should include at minimum: 1. Names of companies or individuals spoken to or corresponded with (names, dates, and phone numbers). 2. Recommendations of other companies or agencies received verbally or in writing (names, date, phone numbers if received verbally). 3. Costs if available. 4. An acceptable justification of why one company or individual was selected over others.

Formal Competition: Refers to the process conducted by the College's Purchasing Office of issuing a written solicitation (Request For Proposal or Invitation For Bid); establishing evaluation criteria; advertising and mailing solicitations; scoring submitted responses and awarding a contract.

Interagency Agreements: Contracts between The Evergreen State College and other Washington state agencies, other institutions of higher education, a unit of local government, another state or the federal government. Governed by the Interlocal Cooperation Act, chapter 39.34 RCW.

Personal Services: Professional or technical services provided by an individual or a company to accomplish a specific study, project, task, or other work statement. Consultants, who provide personal services, serve The Evergreen State College as objective advisers by rendering professional opinions, judgments, or recommendations. Services may include offering advice based on specialized knowledge, skills and experience, conducting studies, analyzing and evaluating technical issues, and/or providing advice and training. Legal authority contained in chapter 39.29 RCW. Regulations of implementation set forth in Chapter 15 of the State Administrative and Accounting Manual published by the Office of Financial Management (OFM).

Purchased Services: More repetitive, routine, or mechanical in nature, following established or standardized procedures generally involving completion of an assigned task, rather than an entire project. Meet the more general needs of The Evergreen State College. Statutory responsibility of the Department of General Administration, Office of State Procurement (OSP) under chapter 43.19 RCW and WAC 236-48 and 236-49.

Sole Source Justification: As defined by OFM, must include the following:

A statement indicating the service is essential to the responsibilities or operation of The Evergreen State College. Sufficient staffing or expertise is not available from the College or other State Agency.

The efforts taken to ensure no other company or firm could provide the service such as a "solicitation for information", market survey, or other verifiable source.

Detailed information as appropriate to the service which describes the unique qualifications, abilities, or expertise of the requested provider.

An explanation of efforts taken to ensure the anticipated cost is fair and reasonable.