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Student Fees 2015-16

Note: Every effort has been made to provide accurate information in this listing. Information contained herein, however, may have changed subsequent to the time of publication. Readers are therefore advised to consult with the appropriate college department or office for any possible revisions. All fees and rates published in this book are subject to change.

Service Fees

Special Class and Course Fees

Enrollment Fees
CAB Renovation $5.75 per credit (Max $115.00) Students enrolled at the Olympia campus will be charged a mandatory fee of $5.75 per credit. Fees collected fund the College Activities Building (CAB) redesign project.
Class Audit Variable (See Audit Policies
Clean Energy Fee $1.00 per credit (Max $20.00) The Evergreen State College students voted to have a mandatory Clean Energy fee assessed of $1.00 per credit, each quarter, that would be used to offset the electricity that The Evergreen State College uses with the purchase of clean renewable energy. For additional information on this fee please go to Clean Energy.
Evergreen Employees $30.00 (up to 8 credits)

Employees must complete the 'Tuition and Fee Waiver' form each quarter they are using their benefit

First Year Orientation Fee

$175.00 Fall

$45.00 Winter or Spring

New matriculated (degree seeking) students enrolling at Evergreen for the first time are assessed a one-time fee which funds an enhanced student transition program designed to increase academic success.  Students entering in the Fall quarter are charged $175.00, those entering in Winter or Spring quarter are charged $45.00.
Health Services $88.00 per quarter (Fall, Winter, and Spring only) This fee supports the Health Center on campus and is not health insurance. It is a mandatory fee of $88.00 for students attending the Olympia campus that are registered for ten (10) or more undergraduate credits or for eight (8) or more graduate credits.  The Health Center is closed during Summer; no Health Services Fees are charged during the Summer quarter.
Late Night Shuttle Fee $5.00 per quarter (Fall, Winter and Spring only) A mandatory fee of $5.00 per quarter (Fall, Winter and Spring only) will be charged to Olympia campus students. Fees collected will fund a late-night shuttle program to ensure that students have access to safe transportation after regular transit hours.
Late Registration Fee

$50.00 or


A $50.00 late fee for registration additions and changes begins on the Monday of week two of each quarter. A $100.00 late fee for additions and changes begins on the Monday of week three of each quarter. Avoid late fees by registering before the end of the first week of the quarter!
Late Tuition Payment Fee

$50.00 and


A fee of $50.00 will be charged if tuition is not paid by the 5th calendar day of the quarter.  A second late fee of $75.00 will be charged on the 30th calendar day for unpaid tuition.  Avoid late fees, pay tuition by the deadline!
Transit Fee $2.50 per credit (Max. $30.00) This is a mandatory fee. All students registered at the Olympia campus will be charged $2.50 per credit up to a maximum of $30.00 per quarter. This program allows all students currently enrolled at the Olympia campus to ride Intercity Transit anywhere in Thurston County by showing their validated student ID card.
Washington State Employees $30.00 (up to 6 credits)

Washington State employees may apply for a tuition waiver under certain qualifying conditions.


$8.00 per quarter (optional)

The Washington Public Interest Research Group is a nonprofit, politically unaligned corporation directed to students.  Evergreen students have voted to support this organization via automatic billing.  An $8.00 charge is added on the student account each quarter along with tuition and fees.  This fee can be waived by completing a waiver form (PDF) and returning the form to the Student Financial Services Office.