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Cancellation Request

As soon as you are working full-time in a position that you believe qualifies for cancellation, you will need to complete the Request For Cancellation or Deferment form on the UAS website under the subtitle "Benefits Form" on the left of the page. This form is used to place your account in deferment while you complete the year of service required to be eligible for cancellation benefits. If approved, no interest or principal will accrue and no payments are due.

You must complete this form at the beginning AND end of each term of service. Once you have completed 12 months (academic year) of service in an eligible position, you will need to submit your cancellation request (same form, different check box in Part III). At this time, it may be possible for you to include your deferment request for the following year on the same form (by marking the appropriate box and indicating the beginning and ending dates of your anticipated employment).

You will need to complete the top borrower information boxes, and Parts I-III of this form. Please follow the instructions on the back of the form carefully (you may need to include an official job description). The form is then submitted to your employer for certification.

Part I: Check the appropriate box to indicate the type of cancellation you are applying for including the name and address of your employer.

Part II: Indicate your job title (do you need to supply a job description).

Part III: Check the appropriate box for deferment (beginning) or cancellation (end), or both, if needed. Include the dates of employment for either type of request.

Be sure to sign and date in the appropriate area (below Part III). We cannot process your request without your signature.

Your employer will need to complete Part IV of this form. Submit this form to your employer after you have completed your portion of the form. Your employer will need to certify your employment dates.

Completed certified forms should be sent directly to University Accounting Service (UAS) at the address on the back of the form for processing. Forms sent to The Evergreen State College will be forwarded to UAS and may delay processing time. It may be a good idea to make a copy of the completed form for your records before submitting your form.

You should receive notice from UAS once your form has been processed and approved, if you have not heard anything within a month of submitting your form, please call. If your request is denied, contact this office immediately to make other payment arrangements. If you feel the denial of deferment or cancellation is in error, call us at (360) 867-6440 so we can work together in clearing up any questions you may have.