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Travel Forms

Travel Authority/Blanket Travel Authority combined (Word) A Travel Authority (TA) form must be completed for the traveler, approved by the appropriate authorized designee and delivered to the Travel Office prior to every trip in connection with college business. All out of country travel--excluding British Columbia, Canada--must have approval from a Vice-President or the Provost.

A Blanket Travel Authority (BTA) is designed to cover the employee throughout the fiscal year for in-state travel only using the same org number. The Blanket Travel Authority is also valid in bordering counties/cities in the states of Oregon and Idaho that are contiguous to the border between Washington-Idaho or Washington-Oregon.

Group Travel (Word) Whenever two or more employees are traveling to the same destination and riding together, it is not necessary to prepare separate TA's on each individual traveler. A group TA should have the name and address of the driver and list the accompanying passengers. Drivers may trade off on the driving as long as the driver license number is included for each person that will be driving. Only the traveler listed in box number one on the TA can claim reimbursable expenses (parking, gas, etc.) against the group TA, the passengers cannot. It is important for this reason that the home mailing address of the traveler is included.

Travel Advance (Word) Request a travel advance by completing and signing the Travel Expense Advance portion of this form. The approved travel advance request must be submitted along with a Travel Authority form to the Travel Office at least 10 working days prior to departure. Travel advances cannot be requested for registration fees, airfares, car rentals or POV mileage. The purpose of the travel advance is to defray the employee's anticipated reimbursable expenses for meals and lodging. The amount of the advance is based on an estimate and may exceed the actual allowable expenses. The traveler must be prepared to return any non-reimbursable portion of the advance to the college within 10 days of the conclusion of his or her trip.

Trip Justification Form (Word) The Trip Justification Form must be filled out and attached to the TA for any out of country travel. It requires the signature of a vice-president or Provost.

Travel Expense Voucher Form A-20 (Excel) for travel after January 1, 2014.
The Travel Expense Voucher is an accounting form used to document the money spent on a trip, and how much is owed to the traveler by the college, or by the traveler to the college.

MILEAGE RATE for travel between January 1 and December 31, 2013.
Travel Expense Voucher Form A-20 (Excel)