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Travel Regulations

Here are basic guidelines to follow when traveling for the college on official state business. The Washington State Office of Financial Management (OFM) develops and regulates State Travel Policy. The Evergreen State College has an adopted travel policy. Additional questions and concerns can be addressed at the Travel Office in the Library building, room 1131 or extension 6351.

  • A Travel Authority must be completed for the traveler and approved by the appropriate authorized designee and in the Travel Office prior to every trip in connection with college business.
  • All out of country travel, excluding British Columbia, Canada must have prior approval by a Vice President or Provost.
  • Airfare is to be booked through a qualified travel agency using The Evergreen State College's Business Travel Account. DO NOT book airfare until the Travel Authority is in the Travel office. We cannot approve a ticket purchase until that documentation is signed and in the Travel office. See Air Travel Arrangements for details
  • The State of Washington has a contract with Enterprise Car Rental. These credit cards can be checked out from the Travel office.
  • A college VISA card can be applied for, to use on official state business to purchase lodging and meals while in travel status. See Travel Visa Card for details.
  • A Travel Advance may be requested to defray meal and lodging expenses while on college business, if the traveler does not have a college VISA card. It must be received at least ten working days before the check is needed. The advance must be cleared within ten-days of returning from the trip.
  • Reimbursement of lodging expenses incurred within 50 miles from either the official residence or official station is not allowed, except in certain situations.
  • A Travel Expense Voucher to request reimbursement for travel expenses must be signed personally by the traveler and approved by their supervisor. These are usually processed within ten working days after the completed form, with all attachments, has been turned in to the Travel Office.
  • Effective January 1, 2014, mileage reimbursement rate is $.56 per mile.
  • Mileage to the SeaTac airport from The Evergreen State College is a maximum of 55 miles each way.
  • Parking in the SeaTac parking garage is discouraged because it is extremely expensive. Use the parking lots near the airport that offer free shuttle to the airport.
  • The original receipt from the commercial lodging facility must be attached to the travel expense voucher to be reimbursed for lodging costs.
  • Personal telephone calls are not reimbursable, except for a brief call to the traveler's home to notify of a change in return time due to severe weather or flight delays.

A traveler on official state business is expected to exercise the same care in incurring expenses and accomplishing the purpose of the travel that a prudent person would exercise if traveling on personal business. Travelers are responsible for excess costs and any additional expenses incurred for personal preference or convenience.