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Travel VISA at Evergreen

VISA Credit Card: The J.P. Morgan Chase VISA corporate credit card is for authorized state business travel related purchases only (meals and lodging), and you will be reimbursed only for expenses authorized by current state regulations. Once you are issued a corporate card, you will not be eligible for travel advances. Personal expenses are NOT to be charged to the corporate card.

This is not a revolving account. Therefore, you must pay all charges in full shown on your monthly billing statement promptly upon receipt of the statement. You will be personally responsible for, and must promptly pay, any late payment charges that my be assessed by J.P. Morgan Chase if your account becomes delinquent. It is the cardholder's resonsibility to maintain his or her account in good standing.

You must maintain complete and accurate records regarding your travel and promptly submit a completed and approved travel expense voucher, with all required receipts to the Travel office at the conclusion of your trip. A credit card charge slip does not qualify as an valid receipt for inclusion with the expense voucher.

Upon employment termination you must relinquish your VISA corporate credit card to the Travel office.

Airfare is to be purchased through a qualified travel agency using the The Evergreen State College's CTA account--eliminating any personal charges to our employees. Additionally, rental cars are to be rented through Enterprise Rent-a-Car using the college account number that can be obtained from the Travel office.