THE EARTH SPEAKS: an eco-feminist dance theater performance

Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 7:30 pm

Communications Lab Building EXPERIMENTAL THEATER in the COMM Building
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TWO SHOWINGS: Friday and Saturday, March 3 & 4, Doors open @ 7:00pm, show @ 7:30pm @ The Evergreen State College EXPERIMENTAL THEATER in the Communications Building ~ FREE ADMISSION


THE EARTH SPEAKS ~ an eco-feminist / multimedia / dance theater performance 

17 DANCERS on 1 stage: Christopher Arnett Caroline Basis Jennifer Diaz Ivan Espinosa Raul Espinosa Malcolm Kent Lorena Macias Mary Nelson Maggie O’Brien Thea Pan Emily Paris Stephen Passero Suzanne Parenteau Javiera Sobarzo Gabriel Stranahan Carol Wilcox Katie Zundel * Featuring 2 original songs composed by Rocco Strain * ---- ABOUT THE PIECE: What is the bond between the human body and the living planet that nurtured us, and all of life, into existence? What is the link between our own dance and the dances of the greater biosphere? THE EARTH SPEAKS is a meditation on the body's inherent connection to the earth and the cosmos. Furthermore, this performance invites the audience to contemplate how the industrialization and capitalization of the body fuels the illusion that we are somehow separate from the whole web of life, from the earth and the universe. In a culture which views the body as a mechanism to be trained and the Earth as a resource to be exploited, this performance is an attempt to see again their fundamental wholeness and interconnection. Inspired by both Butoh dance and Eco-Feminist philosophy, we hope this performance facilitates deep thought about the harmful split between the earth and human society that has resulted from patriarchal capitalism, and how the split might be healed by the feminine instinct for nurture and holistic knowledge of the earth's processes, of its many songs and languages.

Sponsored By: SOS: Collaborative Projects in the Arts and Society, an Evergreen academic program

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