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Set Yourself Apart with the Follow-Up


You got the interview! Great, now you must sell yourself. Dress well, be courteous, and answer all questions to the best of your ability. Once you leave that office, what's next?

Follow-up with a thank you note right away. Why is this important? Many interviews are taking place for that very position on that very day. A follow-up note helps you to stand out from the rest.


Write down everything you can remember from the interview, including the responsibilities of the position as you understand them, any key points or concerns discussed (particularly any deficits noted), specific goals or projects for which the position is responsible, names of key personnel in the company, and any other issues or information you have learned about the company or interviewer that is of value.


Contact your references to let them know that a call will be coming and from whom (name of interviewer and name of company). Tell them about the position (title and responsibilities) and key areas that may need to be addressed.


Using your interview notes, prepare a note of thanks. Make certain your handwriting is legible and neat. Use a more conservative note card rather than something fancy. You should send a "Thank you" card to each individual involved in your interview. Keep this note brief and to-the-point. Thank your interviewer for their time and consideration. Reiterate, briefly, the key points discussed in the interview and your potential contributions, and restate your interest in working in this particular position for this company. Offer to make additional information available: "If I may provide you with any further information in your consideration of me as a candidate, please, let me know. I will gladly make this available to you." You should write and send this card the same day as your interview.

Common Courtesy

Send a "Thank you" card to all individuals who provided you with a reference. Depending on the individual, this can be formal or informal, but do not forget to show your appreciation to those people who have gone to bat for you.


If you have not heard back from the interviewer within two weeks following your interview, do not get discouraged. Filling a position can be a time-consuming process. Do follow up with all positions at this two-week point with a call or letter indicating your continued interest in the position and company...and keep interviewing for other positions! No position is a guarantee until the position has been offered and accepted. If you still have not heard something in 6 weeks time, make one final attempt at contacting the appropriate parties, and then move on. Keep this little mantra in your head: No? ...NEXT!

For more information on the job interview process, we recommend that you contact the Career Development Center at 360-867-6193 to schedule an appointment with one of our Career Advisors.