Career Development Center

Making a Decision

After you’ve explored your interests, values and skills and how they relate to occupations, it is time to assess your experiences to date, to narrow your career focus, and make a decision. Some critical questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Have I fully considered, to the best of my ability, all of my interests, values, skills, and motivations?
  • Have I gathered enough information to make an informed and comfortable decision?
  • How much and what kind of information do I need to make my decision?
  • What questions do I still have that will help me make my decision?

It’s important to remember that, when it comes to career choice, decisions are never final. You CAN, and probably will, change your mind at some time in the future. In fact, you’ll probably change your mind often, or be required to adapt to a changing workplace multiple times in your career (see sidebar). But without making that initial decision on a path to follow, you are unlikely to make any progress. 

To learn more about the decision making process, or for assistance in deciding what options might be well suited to you, contact the Career Development Center to schedule an appointment with one or our career counseling specialists.