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Arrested Development


Spring 2012 quarter

Peter Dorman economics, political economy, statistics
Fields of Study
agriculture, economics, environmental studies and international studies
Preparatory for studies or careers in
economics, political economy, international relations, international rights work, and development assistance.

Despite decades of policies and promises, billions of people around the world still live in poverty or near-poverty. How did this situation come about? Why does it persist? In this program we will examine the problem of uneven, incomplete and even failed development – recognizing that the concept of "development" itself is contested. The origins of global inequality in European expansion and the creation of a world economy will be considered, as well as the efforts to resist these forces. We will look at the main economic theories surrounding development and the international organizations that try to put them into practice. We will also look at dissenting ideas and at new initiatives now emerging at local, national and international levels. The program will be transdisciplinary, combining economics, history, politics and post-colonial cultural analysis.

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Program Revisions

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May 12th, 2011 This offering has been cancelled.