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Looking at Animals


Spring 2012 quarter

Ruth Hayes animation, media studies , Susan Aurand ceramics, visual arts
Fields of Study
media arts, media studies and visual arts
Preparatory for studies or careers in
visual art, animation, visual studies, media studies and education.

Animal images are the oldest known artworks. From the painted bulls in Lascaux cave to Mickey Mouse, Godzilla, the Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey, images of animals pervade our history and culture. Our relationship to animals as the Other/Ourselves has been a major preoccupation throughout human history. What do these representations of and relationships with animals tell us about ourselves?

This program is an interdisciplinary study of how we see, understand and represent animals. Through lectures, seminars and common readings, we will examine our relationships to animals as they are portrayed in art, literature and animated film. We will attempt to deconstruct assumptions that underlay how different people and cultures represent animals. We will consider ideas about human nature and the human mind that emerge from the study of animals. We will look at the portrayal of animals throughout art and media history, and we will read texts that take different approaches to representing animals, humans and the relationships between them. Through studio work in drawing, painting and animation we will explore our individual relationships to animals, both real and imagined.

Through program workshops students will develop skills in 2D art (drawing, painting, mixed media) and 2D animation. As a major part of the program, each student will do an individual project that combines studio work with library research, exploring a particular animal or topic within our larger theme.

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Required Fees
$200 for arts supplies and entrance fees.
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Program Revisions

Date Revision
February 8th, 2012 This program is no longer offered. Interested students should refer to the new program Animal Others in Image and Text offered by Ruth Hayes and Anne de Marcken.