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Memory Sites, Human Rights: A Digital Archive Production


Spring 2012 quarter

Greg Mullins comparative literature, American studies
Fields of Study
American studies, law and public policy and philosophy
Preparatory for studies or careers in
human rights, philosophy, digital humanities, history, museum studies, new media studies, web design and publication, American studies and politics. 

Our work will be a continuation of the efforts begun in the program Human Rights, Memory Sites: A Digital Archive Project; we will move our collaborative research into final production. The result will be a human rights resource published on the world wide web.

We aim to create a resource that not only provides information, but also stimulates public education, engagement and debate about both human rights violations and human rights remedies. Previous study of philosophy, the philosophy of art, and the aesthetic conventions and demands of web publishing should stimulate a design and product that is sophisticated, challenging and adequate to the complex task of understanding human rights in Washington state.

Our production team will be drawn primarily from students who enrolled in Human Rights, Memory Sites during fall and winter; new students with select technical production skills may also be accepted into spring quarter.

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Program Revisions

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January 3rd, 2012 Greg Mullins will be teaching Travel Writing.