2011-12 Catalog

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Psychology: Child and Family Development

Spring 2012 quarter

Candace Vogler psychology, child development, systems theory
Fields of Study
This should not be the first psychology learning for enrolled students. Prior learning in developmental psychology classes and/or significant experience in child welfare or other contexts is important.
In this advanced class we will focus on attachment theory and family systems theory as lenses into understanding the complexity of working with children and families in many settings: education, mental health, psychology etc. We will use psychological texts, fiction, films and personal histories to understand the interplay between biological endowment, early attachment and family development as well as the external constraints families and children face, including poverty, out-of-home placement, schools and trauma. Work in class will include seminars, role-plays, some lecturing. Students will journal regularly, write 4 short response papers. and one longer paper. Self and faculty evaluations are required.
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6-10p Wed
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