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Coastline Management

Fall 2012 quarter

Doug Myers marine biology, landscape ecology, restoration

This course will cover the philosophy, structures, policies and implementation practices of the Washington Shoreline Management Act including its context within Integrated Coastal Zone Management, The Public Trust Doctrine, Best Available Science, Local Enforceable policies, and Marine Spatial Planning. Emphasis on hazard planning and response as it relates to coastal natural resource protection in an era of changing climate.


  • Understand the basics of integrated coastal zone management and marine spatial planning
  • Engage in relevant WA coastal issues discussions affected by the Shoreline Management Act
  • Formulate workable solutions for multidisciplinary coastal issues

Faculty Bio:

Doug Myers is an experienced coastal ecologist, manager and educator with geographically diverse background, grasp of multidisciplinary approaches and ability to communicate complex scientific subjects to lay audiences.  He has professional backgrounds in government, non-governmental and entrepreneurial sectors.  Doug’s academic interests include animal behavior, landscape ecology, climate change, public policy and sustainability education.  His Personal Interests include SCUBA diving/Snorkeling, Percussion, Choral singing, Mass transit, Gardening, Landscape Scale Travel Experiences, and Science/Religion Interfaces.







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